Unbeatable Injury Prevention for Business and Industry

Your company has jobs where workers are lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling, and grasping tools to create your products. Employees spend thousands of hours actively reaching, bending, twisting, and exerting themselves. Despite your safety efforts, musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) cases fill your OHSA recordkeeping forms. Whether by insurance payments for premiums, healthcare costs, or time loss[…]

Early Intervention – A Competitive Advantage in Managing Sprains and Strains

For many industries, medical treatment of musculoskeletal concerns drives healthcare costs and OSHA recordables. Overexertion continues to be the leading cause of loss – more than $13 billion in 20191. What if you could avoid 85 to 95 percent of workers’ compensation claims related to a soft tissue diagnosis? How do you do it? The[…]

Survey of Employees Reveals that Most are Dissatisfied with Office Ergonomics

Recently, Performance Ergonomics was invited to present a seminar on office ergonomics at one of Arizona’s largest employers that offers an Employee Wellness Program. Our team met with employees participating in the Wellness Program and asked them to participate in an informal survey about their office equipment, workstation design, and comfort levels when at work. […]

Preserve the Health and Safety of Employees Working from Home with Ergonomic Best Practices

The pervasive global disturbance in the past few months has resulted in countless organizations across the U.S. now having their employees work from home. Working remotely on a day-to-day basis is a brand-new concept—and a major lifestyle shift—for many employees, and they may not have proper home offices set up where they can work comfortably,[…]

What HR Professionals Should Know About the ADA and Office Ergonomics

From hiring practices to compensation and benefits, there are countless state and federal laws with which human resources professionals must ensure that their organizations are complying. One of the most important federal HR laws is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was enacted in 1990 with the goal of protecting the rights of people[…]

Office employee rubs sore back due to poor office ergonomics.

Saving Healthcare Costs through Proper Ergonomics in an Office Environment

For employers in any industry, ensuring a safe workplace is essential to minimizing costs and boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. When it comes to office employees who work at desks, however, many employers harbor a dangerous misconception: that desk employees are not likely to become injured on the job because they do not engage in[…]

What is Ergonomics? A Brief Overview for Employers

While the term “ergonomics” is commonly associated with workplace comfort, many employers do not realize how important ergonomic factors are to the success of their organizations. Regardless of the industry, ergonomics may have a significant impact on workplace safety, employee satisfaction and productivity, and ultimately, an organization’s profitability. Wondering how ergonomics may affect your organization?[…]

Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Among Construction Workers through Proper Ergonomics

As a symbol of growth and progress, the construction industry is integral to the nation’s economy. However, construction is also one of the most hazardous and physically demanding occupations, frequently requiring workers to exceed their bodies’ natural limitations. As a result, construction companies often incur significant costs due to workplace injuries. While severe accidents and[…]

How Ergonomics Can Help Mitigate the Risks of an Increasingly Sedentary Workforce

As employers strive to contain costs, boost employee productivity, and prevent workplace injuries, they are facing an increasingly common obstacle: workers with low physical fitness levels and sedentary lifestyles, both at home and at the office. A physically inactive lifestyle carries a wide variety of health risks that can make employees less productive and increase[…]

Outsourcing Office Ergonomics

Managing the needs of individual employees in the office setting is no small challenge for human resources managers. When it comes to equipment, space, and design of an adequate workspace—some employers unfortunately fall short. Sit-to-stand desks, medical/disability claims, and an every-increasing population of obese employees are just a few of day-to-day challenges. If you’re like[…]