October 20, 2016

Ergonomic Risk Management

Risk managers and business owners understand that their leading workers’ compensation cost driver, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), can largely be prevented. Fed up with rising workers’ compensation insurance premiums and claim costs, they’re finally ready to implement an ergonomic risk management program and address the root causes of overexertion injuries.

What they know is that best-in-class industry leaders actively initiate a proactive approach to eliminate workplace risk. By being proactive rather than reactive, you too can adopt industry best practices to enhance ergonomics in the workplace.

Creating a Workplace Safety Ergonomics Plan to Mitigate Risk

At Performance Ergonomics, we respect your people and your workplace, and we view our role as your partner in building a culture of safety. We collaborate with you to evaluate, prioritize and control hazards within your work environment through the use of proven risk assessment tools. Once we determine the root causes of workplace safety pitfalls, we will continue working with you to develop effective, positive solutions. Our background and experience have afforded us the opportunity to bring our expertise to a variety of diverse workplaces. This allows us to help:

  • Prevent injuries and reduce related costs
  • Identify and reduce underlying causes of workplace risk
  • Boost your bottom line

Our jobsite analysis includes observation, interviews, photo and/or video analysis, and measurements of the worksite. Industry-standard methods are used to evaluate risk factors. A comprehensive report is provided to identify potential solutions. Prioritized recommendations target work techniques and equipment that may support further mitigating workplace risk.

Are your employees at risk of costly workplace injuries? Contact Performance Ergonomics today to schedule a consultation with an ergonomics specialist!

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