October 20, 2016

Ergonomic Training Programs

We’re not posture police, nor the scolding “sit-up straight” figures whose advice is typically ignored. We understand that watching videos on “proper lifting” is boring. The problem is that designing successful workplace ergonomic training programs consumes time, energy, and resources. To combat these challenges, human resource professionals consult Performance Ergonomics to develop workshops that are both informative and interactive. Our trainers provide presentations, seminars or workshops designed to meet your unique needs and improve ergonomics awareness in your workplace. We focus on practical sessions to achieve the desired results.

If you’d like, we can depict your workers in the slides and show proper use of your workplace, tools and equipment. We will explain the objectives of your ergonomic program to your employees and contractors, and will teach them how to use their equipment effectively and safely. Training can be targeted to specific job titles, departments, work groups, supervisors and employees. All courses can be customized to range in length from 15-minute safety talks to full-day interactive, hands-on seminars.

Raising Ergonomics Awareness in the Workplace

Our on-site workplace ergonomic training programs are custom designed for your industry and include practical hands-on scenarios to solve your challenges and issues. Whether it is a basic awareness lunch-and-learn session or a full-day course for managers and supervisors, we can help you accomplish your ergonomic education goals. Potential services include:

  • Ergonomics program awareness
  • Ergonomics team training
  • Ergonomics orientation for team leaders, supervisors and managers
  • Ergonomic training for employees and contractors

Contact us today to start developing a workplace ergonomic training program customized for your workplace!

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