October 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Ergonomics

As an employer, where should I start when evaluating ergonomics in the workplace?

Studies show that employee discomfort is the most reliable warning of a pending overuse injury. You can use our proactive employee discomfort surveys to gather data in order to identify users with the greatest risk of injury. This survey collects key data points to understand the user’s situation and then offer solutions. Employees with high or extreme risk are identified for assistance.

Do we need to evaluate every employee’s office space?

By using our software tool, you can effectively and efficiently manage your office ergonomics process, including training, employee self-assessment, and data management. A variety of levels of assistance are available to employees, including office sweeps, telephone or virtual support and onsite visits.

Where can I find a good office chair? 

Perhaps you’ve tried the low-cost chairs sold at the big-box retailers or felt intimidated by the showroom of a commercial office furniture dealer. Buying a chair on the internet without the opportunity to experience the feel and fit just doesn’t make sense. The good news is that there is another option. Call us to arrange a no-obligation demo of our curated selection of quality office task chairs. 

We have office locations in other major cities and states, can you get there?

Yes, we can serve you nearly anywhere. Thanks to our affiliation with the largest network of ergonomics specialists, we can deliver onsite services for office ergonomics in over 10,000 cities and towns nationwide.

Where do we find the right equipment and solutions?

Since we’ve had so many clients ask, we are now pleased to help by providing a quote for equipment based on our recommendations. With this in mind, equipment may be obtained from a variety of our approved vendors. We’ll be glad to help take the guesswork out of the next steps. Installation services are available if needed. 

Will you help develop product standards for product recommendations?

Working together, we’ll help you streamline the ordering process and simplify your program. We work with outstanding retailers who offer lots of ergonomic furniture, equipment and accessories.

What should I look for when purchasing an “ergonomic” office chair?

Start by asking, who is this chair for? If the chair will be used as a general office seating standard—the chair should adjust to fit a large percentage of employees. If, however, the chair is for a specific individual, you’ll want to consider their specific dimensions and unique job tasks. Armrests are a key feature to look at carefully, including the height, width, and fore/aft adjustments.

What should I consider before purchasing a sit-to-stand workstation?

Tabletop convertor units are marketed directly to end-users and are typically the lower-cost option. Look at the range of adjustability and the height of the current work surface before making a purchase. Adjustable height desks with electric controls are becoming a standard feature in many corporate offices. Fortunately, as with other technology, consumers continue to benefit from competition, which results in greater selection and affordability. Before you buy—get a quote, it may surprise you how reasonable the price is.

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