October 26, 2016

Workplace Improvement – Prevent Injury

Prevent Workplace Injury

By identifying and alleviating the underlying causes, we can help you reduce the incidence, severity, and associated costs of workplace injury, including work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs). We design our services to fit your goals. Whether we’re providing onsite, one-on-one ergonomics evaluations or offering guidance to your employees who work remotely, we are consultants with proven strategies to boost your bottom line.

Many of our clients are fed up with out-of-control spending on ergonomics accessories and are finally ready to deal with the root causes of workplace injury. Our industry-leading software is an innovative tool designed to help you quickly and effectively manage an office ergonomics program. It may be used as an independent tool to provide employees with web-based training, or it may be used to support onsite assessments as part of your ergonomics program. 

Our software tools allow us to quantify and prioritize risk, then identify solutions proven to reduce exposure. We are expert ergonomics consultants who use industry-standard risk analysis tools. 

Our services combine the power of low-cost, high-impact ergonomics solutions with the proactive approach of virtual or onsite visits to prevent soft tissue injuries. We understand how to protect your most important resource—your people.

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