October 20, 2016

Return-to-Work Job Matching

Seeking to facilitate a safe return-to-work job matching program, workers’ compensation professionals and claims adjusters rely on Performance Ergonomics to conduct job demand analysis and more clearly identify the point of recovery that injured workers must reach in order to obtain a work release. These professionals are often frustrated that many job descriptions lack essential function profiles, and they are not content to simply wait for an upgraded work status while they negotiate with employers that refuse to accept an injured worker who is “less than 100 percent.” They are looking for ways to move cases forward in order to avoid ongoing indemnity costs and expenses.

Employers benefit from the ability to manage the return-to-work process by securing appropriate, productive job-fit accommodations. It does not make sense for them to continue paying an injured worker’s indemnity wages when the worker could, in fact, be accommodated at work with workplace ergonomic improvements.

Finding the Right Disability Accommodations for Injured Workers

At Performance Ergonomics, our ultimate objective is to return employees to their original job duties. Until they are able to do so, however, we will find low-cost solutions for return-to-work job matching with a focus on reducing physical demands and matching work capabilities. We will ensure that injured workers can safely perform 100 percent of their job assignments. As needed, we will outline temporary modifications that best fit current functional capabilities.

Our services include:

  • Safely returning injured workers to productive work assignments
  • Determining the best fit with injured worker’s functional capabilities
  • Identifying modified and alternative job assignments
  • Recommending ergonomic job accommodations
  • Improving communication with healthcare management team and claim review
  • Closing claims quickly and resolving barriers to return-to-work

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