October 20, 2016

Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) Program Support

Nearly every healthcare organization has attempted to introduce safety measures in an effort to reduce musculoskeletal injuries related to handling and moving patients. Healthcare executives, safe patient handling and movement (SPHM) professionals, and program leaders rely on Performance Ergonomics to help them make the business case for an SPHM program, develop a program focused on patient care ergonomics, and ensure that the program is successfully implemented.

The ergonomics specialists at Performance Ergonomics understand the challenges of starting and sustaining an SPHM program in today’s complex healthcare environment. We’ve done it, and we know what to do when a program fails or struggles to reach its full potential.

We roll up our sleeves and get dirty working with your staff to learn your facility’s challenges. No one handles underperforming SPHM programs better—it’s our specialty. Working together with your key corporate resources and facility stakeholders, we will map out a project plan to avoid common pitfalls. Because culture matters as much as equipment, we apply proven tools to drive real change. Our approach follows a continuous performance improvement model that actually enhances the culture of safety.

SPHM program support services include:

  • Diagnostic Status Report
  • Leadership Development Workshop
  • Program Gap Assessment

The Return on Investment of SPHM Programs

Since capital resources are prioritized, leaders are looking to justify the purchase of equipment and devices. Because we are “vendor agnostic,” it allows us to recommend the best-fit products for your particular applications without bias. You gain the confidence of knowing that you are purchasing exactly what you need. We’ll work with you to determine where to start.

SPHM Improves Favorable Outcomes

Our goal is the same as yours—to ensure the safety of your staff and patients. We understand that safe patient handling is a powerful tool to enhance patient outcomes and overall organizational performance. Our credentialed safe patient handling specialists lead the way to apply the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Interprofessional Standards. We hear from patient safety champions, nursing practice leaders and quality improvement teams, seeking to gain traction with their effort to achieve positive clinical outcomes with early patient mobility. We’ve blazed a trail with best practices in early patient mobility. From program design through implementation and monitoring, our approach can be customized to fit your organization and culture.

We will assist with:

  • Training for team members and leaders
  • Complying with SPHM legislation
  • Developing competent SPHM champions
  • Linking equipment use to the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT)

Contact Performance Ergonomics today to start creating an SPHM program that will create a safer environment for your staff and patients.

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