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Workplace Injury Prevention

Our team of ergonomics specialists strives to help businesses prevent workplace injuries and reduce costs by focusing on health, safety, and human performance.

Let us show you how we can help you develop a proactive, sustainable workplace safety process, which not only prioritizes your injury risk issues, but also allows you to respond to a potential injury before it actually occurs.


We help companies reduce the cost of lost productivity and poor employee performance – both of which can be avoided by improving ergonomics in the workplace.


By identifying and alleviating the underlying causes, we can help you reduce the incidence, severity and associated costs of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs). We bring knowledge of ergonomic principles that results in proven strategies to boost your bottom line.

Successful Outcomes

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs. This results in individually customized programs to provide comprehensive workplace ergonomics.
Your Partner in Health and Human Performance

Performance Ergonomics works with employers to manage risk in the work environment. As ergonomics consultants, our professional service offerings help ensure that consistent and accurate information is accessible to those concerned with risk management, workers’ compensation, and safety initiatives. We match the demands of the job to the physical capabilities of workers, which, in turn, leads to improved efficiency and increased productivity. We help all types of industries reduce work-related musculoskeletal injuries, and we will work with your organization to develop customized programs that improve both employee wellness and profitability.

  • Reduce Lost Work Time

    Our goal is to address each worker’s discomfort prior to it becoming a chronic condition that results in the loss of function and the loss of work time

  • Understand Job Functions

    We believe successful management of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) claims requires meaningful data in order to accelerate return-to-work programs. We provide onsite assessments that define the true physical demands of the job and identify factors hindering recovery.

  • Adjust Physical Demands

    Despite medical care, and rehabilitation some injured workers fail to return to pre-injury functional levels. Let us find low-cost solutions, which reduce job-related physical demands and match work capabilities.

  • Manage Costs

    Reduce your exposure and control your costs by allowing us to work in conjunction with your safety, facilities management, occupational, and environmental health teams. Together, we can improve both human performance and workplace safety.

Ergonomics Company Service Offerings

Here are some details of the types of work we do to help solve ergonomic challenges in the workplace.
Office Workstation Evaluations
Understand key job tasks, discomfort levels, and overall work environment in order to make recommendations that will reduce identified risk factors.

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Return-to-Work Job Matching
Speed return-to-work by assessing the physical demands and the point of recovery needed to obtain a work release.

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Ergonomic Program Development
Development of a comprehensive ergonomic program, including identification of program goals, participants and ongoing operation.

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Job Demand Analysis
On-site job assessment is to develop a functional job description and identify essential physical demands components.

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Safe Patient Handling and Mobility
Address the challenges of starting and sustaining a SPHM program in today’s complex healthcare environment. Working together with key resources, we will map out a project plan to avoid common pitfalls.

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Ergonomic Risk Management
Leverage industry standard methods to identify and evaluate risk factors. Identify and prioritize solutions to help mitigate risk related to employee heath and safety.

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Ergonomics Training Programs
Training helps communicate ergonomic principles, program goals, and raise awareness to potential risk factors.

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