Industrial Ergonomic Solutions

With a goal of helping reduce the burden of high rates of employee attrition, absenteeism, and medical costs, we serve our clients in new and unique ways that position them for future success. We respect your workplace and collaborate with team leaders and managers in making changes that fit the job to the worker thereby increasing comfort and productivity. This translates into improved operational efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

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Onsite Injury Prevention

Preventative care has a positive return on investment. Let us help you discover alternatives to bring about injury reduction and triage discomfort before it triggers a costly medical encounter. Respond to a potential injury before it occurs.


Our clients tell us that they do business with us because of our empathy for their business and our ability to understand their issues and provide solutions to their risk problems. We specialize in human interactions with the work environment, making work life better for every industry.

Early Intervention

Let us help you stay away from needless visits with occupational health providers or urgent care centers. We work directly with employers to deliver onsite, early intervention and injury prevention solutions to reduce medical expenses and steer clear of OSHA recordable injuries. Highly qualified multi-skilled health care professionals are trained to manage conditions to control the rise in expenses due to aches and pains.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Are you looking for a less expensive flexible option for non-recordable concerns? We can assist you by providing an onsite licensed specialists who handle soft tissue injury care. Our approach has been proven to reduce the incidence of WRMSDs.

Avoid Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you’re looking to integrate ergonomics within your health and safety efforts, we can help. We partner with you to help communicate program goals and ergonomic principles and raise awareness of potential risk factors. Your team will learn the early warning signs of work-related injuries and contributing factors in the development of musculoskeletal disorders.

Don’t wait—you can’t afford to ignore musculoskeletal warning signs. We’re here to help.

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