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Since 2005, we’ve received excellent reviews from those in the office environment. We offer unbiased, jargon-free recommendations that just make sense. We have a long track record with those concerned with creating a safe and effective work environment.

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Home Office Hotline (15 minutes online) -- With this helpline, employees who have transitioned to working from home can get assistance with troubleshooting and creating a proper workstation. We offer professional guidance on making at-home workspaces as comfortable as possible. You will receive insights to help reduce stressors and advice to implement right away.

Remote Work-from-Home Office Assessment (30 minutes online) -- Your remote ergonomics assessment may be completed efficiently and safely from your home office or wherever you happen to be working. The process is simple, requiring only a couple photos of the workspace taken with your smartphone and an online meeting to review the areas of concern.

Individual Office Workstation Evaluation (45 – 50 minutes in-office) -- The goal of this evaluation is to understand the job tasks, discomfort levels, and work environment in order to make recommendations that will reduce identified risk factors and stressors. As we are able, we make immediate adjustments to address discomfort and workstation fit. A written report with photos, product recommendations, and an action plan will be submitted for the designated representative to review.

Accommodation or Workers’ Compensation Evaluation (60 minutes online or in-office) -- This evaluation is ideal for employees who have submitted supporting medical documentation for specific equipment or to have an evaluation completed. We believe people working with these concerns require a “face-to-face” assessment with an educational approach to explain and demonstrate ergonomic principles. We can schedule either onsite or remote.

Office Ergonomics Sweep (4 hour minimum in-office) -- This level of work is in demand with the rollout of a wellness initiative or when moving to a new commercial office. Why invest in quality furniture if your employees aren’t prepared to use it? Ergonomics sweeps are short assessments of the workstation that typically take less than 15 minutes per employee. The goal of this visit is to provide help in making necessary minor adjustments to existing equipment. This may include fitting the chair, raising the monitor, or positioning the keyboard and mouse properly. It is an ideal time to identify helpful accessories like a footrest, document holder, or alternative keyboard and mouse for specific concerns. Employees receive our tip sheet handout for further reference and education regarding ergonomics principles and how to use their workstation.