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Simple and effective – that’s how our clients describe the local support we provide through our nationwide network partnership that reaches every major metropolitan area with qualified professionals. We can help you launch an ergonomics process across your dispersed operations.

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Without needless complexity, our software provides all the tools necessary to manage and coordinate an office ergonomics program. We package all the resources you need in one online portal, which includes employee self-assessment, education and training, and data management. Numerous features and options are available as customizable selections.

We deliver value with our online platform supported by industry-leading software. Going far beyond a simple online tutorial, we help ensure that employees understand, use, and benefit from best practices. In the end, we help you with a methodology that is uniquely simple, measurable, and sustainable.

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After seeing the lack of available equipment for our clients, we decided to do something about it and launched a small collection of our favorite chairs and accessories. Today, you can join those who have benefited from our experience and track record.

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