Chair Demo Program

Be sure to try before you buy! One key difference between a comfortable chair and a low-end, cut-rate chair is how it impacts productivity. Don’t be fooled by substandard seating—quality matters. Our experts are here to guide you to well-crafted products.

Knowing you’ll want the assurance and confidence to try one of our chairs for several weeks, we offer this chair demo opportunity for qualified clients. Our program offers premium office task chairs with features to adjust and fit anyone.

How the Chair Demo Program works:

  1. Submit a request to set up a visit
  2. Our ergonomist completes a chair fitting assessment
  3. Your sample chair is delivered for a no-obligation test drive

This chair demo program is designed to take the guesswork out of finding the right chair. We offer a number of models and styles to choose from. To start the process, contact us today.

Ready for a Test Run?

We’re eager to learn about your needs and see how we can help improve your work environment.

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