Managing the needs of individual employees in the office setting is no small challenge for human resources managers. When it comes to equipment, space, and design of an adequate workspace—some employers unfortunately fall short. Sit-to-stand desks, medical/disability claims, and an every-increasing population of obese employees are just a few of day-to-day challenges.

If you’re like others with limited personnel, you may find days when you’re overwhelmed by one more request. If you feel stretched thin responding to calls for workstation evaluations, concerns over poor fit, discomfort, and continual moves, you might benefit from outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a best-practice in business. Savvy companies enlist the expertise of dedicated professionals who handle accounting, payroll processing, and marketing in order save money, and reduce operating expenses. If your team is trying to do it all, it might be wise to stay focused on the core work of your business, and let professionals look after office concerns and your people.

Business services make good business sense. Business and facilities managers turn to ergonomists to professionally handle all types of requests. When it comes to the workplace, why not get the benefit of an experienced professionals who knows how to comply with the ADAAA laws, avoid workers’ compensation claims, and meet industry standards.

Do what you do best. Business operations are complex so you may want to free-up internal resources to do what only they can do. That way you and your people can remain unhindered by requests for workplace modifications. Doesn’t it make sense to see your human resources, facilities services, information technology, and others once again working to fulfilling their core job functions?

Look for an expert in ergonomics. A systems approach, is built on an efficient process that uses web-based tools to manage all your office workers. Ergonomists know how to quickly identify the stressors and underlying causes of workplace discomfort. Once you determine it makes sense to collaborate, it’s easy to integrate a professional ergonomist with your team.

Control you time and costs. When you establish equipment standards and develop a streamlined process to source products (e.g., keyboard trays, chairs, document holders, footrests, and other accessories) it saves time and money. By streamlining the process, no matter who shares responsibility—supervisors, human resource managers, information technology staff, or facilities services — everyone has what they need.

We realize you are busy and may not have the time or ability to effectively manage an ergonomic program. If you would like to find out how outsourcing your office ergonomics function can save you money, contact us today.

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