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Going far beyond a simple online tutorial, we help ensure employees understand, use and benefit from best practices. In the end, we reduce risk which alleviates musculoskeletal discomfort.


Online resources and e-learning software empower your employees to understand their unique stressors and take steps to remedy the risk. Our software solutions are tailored to fit your company and offer a quick, proactive step that allows employees to get what they need with minimal cost.

Employee Satisfaction

Because our web-based, online software can be used proactively, you can prioritize risk issues, responding to those with a high potential for injury right away. Our approach streamlines things so no matter who shares responsibility—supervisors, human resources professionals, information technology staff or facilities services—everyone has what they need.


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Remote Ergonomics Assessment

Our standard package includes training, employee self-assessment, virtual assessment, recommendations, and ongoing support all of which can be shaped to fit your needs.

An assessment is completed efficiently and safely from a home office or wherever employees happen to be working. The process is simple requiring only a couple photos of the workspace and an online meeting to review the areas of concern.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to make improvements or a company with a vast distributed workforce we have solutions to fit your need.

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