Our clients tell us that they do business with us because of our empathy for their business and our ability to understand their issues and provide solutions to their risk problems. We specialize in human interactions with the work environment, making work life better for every industry.

My experience with Performance Ergonomics was fantastic. Merl is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. He accurately determined what adjustments were needed in order to help alleviate my discomfort during my workday. They coordinated the appointment for me to try out the chair which was recommended (and other chairs), as well as the delivery of the chair. All the while keeping in contact with my company and me to provide updates and to answer any questions.
Risk Management Specialist – Teleworker, Edelman Financial Engines
My experience with Performance Ergonomics was great. Merl recommended improvements to my workspace that I didn’t even know were issues (i.e., monitor riser and footrest). Thank you very much for being so accommodating.
Finance Manager – Teleworker, Nestlè Purina Petcare Company
Your evaluation of my workplace and the changes that were made to my desk made a vast difference in my workspace, my comfort level and my ability to stand at my desk, and the addition of the headset for my phone created a better workspace and less pain when sitting for long periods of time.
Administrative Specialist, Scottsdale Community College – Maricopa Community Colleges
I was having problems before the evaluation which were quite uncomfortable and painful. The solutions have helped me with proper back, arm, and trunk support. The greatest benefit has been the level of comfort I have while sitting at my desk all day.
Client Service Consultant – Teleworker, Wells Fargo

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I was having several migraines a month. As a result, I was prescribed physical therapy by my physician. The migraines had decreased but had not been eliminated. The assessment provided me the tools necessary to prevent further strain on my neck, shoulders, and upper back. A new chair that supports me helps alleviate slouching. The ergonomic keyboard helps with my daily tasks. And the footrest helps ensure that I’m in the proper position and comfortable throughout the day.
Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment, Arizona State University
Prior to my analysis, my old chair had limited adjustments that resulted in back pain. My new chair solves the problems that were giving me back issues. Overall, I’m happy because my back is feeling much better. I no longer get back pain in the afternoons.
Grants Administrator, Arizona State University
I was dealing with a lot of upper body pain and some numbness in my hands due to poor ergonomics at work. My workstation setup was adjusted to fit my dimensions. The severity of my symptoms was reduced. Merl seemed to really care which made a big difference. He was thorough and seemed to take my problems seriously. I had an evaluation done previously at another employer and it was much more superficial.
Data Scientist, DriveTime
My new chair is definitely better with thicker padding than what I had before. I think the chair was extremely cost-effective. This one was more expensive than some, but worth the investment.
IT Director – Teleworker, Confidential Client
Now I’m able to sit comfortably and ergonomically correct at my desk with a chair that was designed with my exact measurements. This fixed my ergo issue.
Customer Service Representative, Mobile Mini
I’m really love my new chair! It is 1000x better than my old chair. Thanks so much for all your help to get it.
Patient Safety Specialist, Banner Health
You exceeded my expectations…. Both in the evaluation and the follow up. Your expertise is clear, I can’t imagine what could have been better.
Performance Specialist – Teleworker, Insperity
I have not had any pain since I’ve gotten my new chair and set up for the office. I am much more comfortable at work and can function better.
Senior Mortgage Consultant, OnQ Financial
My back was in a lot of pain from sitting in a bad office chair. Merl helped me set it up, so it was adjusted correctly to support me. The chair was expensive, but I was willing to spend the money to improve my situation.
Technical Professional, Pearson
10/10 rating! Merl is an absolute professional. He does an excellent job assessing the issue and tailoring needed modifications to the individual. My expectations were exceeded – extremely thorough.
Academic Advisor, Arizona State University

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