The Basics

In the simplest terms, workplace ergonomics involves designing the workplace in a way that will enhance job performance. When designing, ergonomic specialists consider a worker’s physical abilities and limitations, and how to maximize the efficiency in the workplace. This results in jobs that are safer, more comfortable, and more effective in completing their tasks.

Workplace ergonomics is a best practice not only because it reduces the rising cost of workers’ compensation, but because it also improves organizational performance. Many industries, especially those which involve physical tasks, are implementing ergonomic programs to ensure the safety of their employees. But ergonomics isn’t only for jobs that involve manual labor, it’s the application of scientific principles to all types of work.

So, how does workplace ergonomic assessment work?

The first step to implementing an effective workplace ergonomics program is to look for a history that signals problems. Persistent problems often require an evaluation to assess risk, and determine the level of exposure to known hazards. To do so, an ergonomist will observe and interview an individual while they work. The ergonomist will assess the worksite, the work station, and the tasks involved to find opportunities to improve the worker’s experience.

After an analysis is complete, the ergonomist can provide you with recommendations to improve the workplace, making it more productive.

Workplace ergonomics benefits both the employer and the employee. With a properly designed workplace, employees can be more efficient, and issues like injuries or time loss are less likely to occur. As a result, employers can expect a more profitable company because ergonomics can boost productivity, keep medical and workers’ compensation insurance premiums low, and decrease the rate of employee turnover.

The goal of workplace ergonomics is to promote health and optimal performance. Keep your employees safe by implementing a workplace ergonomics program in your organization.

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