Early Intervention – A Competitive Advantage in Managing Sprains and Strains

For many industries, medical treatment of musculoskeletal concerns drives healthcare costs and OSHA recordables. Overexertion continues to be the leading cause of loss – more than $13 billion in 20191. What if you could avoid 85 to 95 percent of workers’ compensation claims related to a soft tissue diagnosis? How do you do it? The[…]

Survey of Employees Reveals that Most are Dissatisfied with Office Ergonomics

Recently, Performance Ergonomics was invited to present a seminar on office ergonomics at one of Arizona’s largest employers that offers an Employee Wellness Program. Our team met with employees participating in the Wellness Program and asked them to participate in an informal survey about their office equipment, workstation design, and comfort levels when at work. […]

What HR Professionals Should Know About the ADA and Office Ergonomics

From hiring practices to compensation and benefits, there are countless state and federal laws with which human resources professionals must ensure that their organizations are complying. One of the most important federal HR laws is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was enacted in 1990 with the goal of protecting the rights of people[…]

Office employee rubs sore back due to poor office ergonomics.

Saving Healthcare Costs through Proper Ergonomics in an Office Environment

For employers in any industry, ensuring a safe workplace is essential to minimizing costs and boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. When it comes to office employees who work at desks, however, many employers harbor a dangerous misconception: that desk employees are not likely to become injured on the job because they do not engage in[…]